“It’s hard to find a new builder that’s got something unique but seems to fit right in with the industry. Congrats to Swope for achieving this! Great looks, great feel, great tone, off to a great start.”
DW4BW Dave Weiner – Guitarist with Steve Vai, Online Music Educator/Riff Of The Week, GIT grad

“I have been using my  Swope Geronimo on stage with the Hall and Oates Band for the last year  and a half.  I love the tight and punchy bottom end from the pickups and the neck profile is perfect for my hand.”
John Oates: Hall and Oates

During a week when I was able to use the Swope Geronimo both on gigs and in the studio I found the guitar to be a super interesting instrument.  The styling and the electronics are very unique.  The pickups and wiring in the Geronimo really are their own thing and they offer a very wide range of very usable tones that you access right away. The guitar plays great and the styling, which seems to harken back to a futuristic ’60’s vibe, is really cool, too.  I got many positive comments on the guitar both at the gig and in the recording studio.
Eric Ambel
: Producer/Guitarist  Del-Lords, Yayhoos, Steve Earle & the Dukes, Bottle Rockets

“The Swope Geronimo has a big, bold sound. Definitely has a voice of its own. A nice, complex balance of lows, mids, & highs. It really has a lot of presence, without any pedals, straight into the amp. The clean sound is crystal clear. A different sound, unlike any other pickup I’ve used. The guitar is a solid build. The tremelo bridge works perfectly. Nice, big neck feels great. I’m gonna go plug it in right now!”
Kenny Vaughan – Nashville Session Ace/Marty Stuart and the Superlatives

I had the good fortune to actually play the original Swope Geronimo prototype on a real gig and found it to be very much up to the task.  The neck has a cosmically, familiar “vintage” kind of feel that I instantly warmed to.  The two pickups although humbuckers are actually very much their own thing and rather unique yielding surprisingly F****r-esque as well as other totally usable tones.   What else can I say?  Geronimo!!!!!
Webb Wilder – Webb Wilder and The Beatnecks

“The thing I really love about the Geronimo guitar is the variety of sounds one can get out of the pickups and by toying with the tone knob.  It’s a great guitar to play leads on as well as slide, rhythm and sound effects.  The Geronimo has a great feel and I love the neck.  The guitar sounds great when you drive it. Lots of clarity, clean or dirty.  It has a sound all of its own.  It does not sound like any other guitar on the market. I look forward to using this Swope Geronimo more on live and session playing.”
Marvin Sewell
– NYC  Jazz and R&B Guitarist-Extraordinaire Lizz Wright, Cassandra Wilson

“I use my Geronimo as much, if not more than any of my classic guitars in both the studio and live. The #2 and #4 pickup positions are so sweet and ‘Hi-Fi’ with a depth of tone no other guitar has.”
Teddy Morgan
: Nashville-based Guitarist/Producer/Engineer, Music Director Kevin Costner and Modern West.

The Swope Geronimo is an absolute tone monster! The guitar actually feels like an old friend in my hands, the body shape is super comfortable and the neck is solid and substantial! The guitar plays like butter! The real magic is in those *OG* (Original Geronimo) pickups! They truly have a voice all their own but in the best way possible, they also have a semi familiar voice.  The pickups deliver snap, crackle and pop, big time! Major quack, honk, spank, sweetness and sass! Chris put a sonic spin on the pickups that elevates them, almost making them sound high fidelity! But the beauty is they are not sterile sounding one single bit and the character, nuances, note bloom and definition are all there!


Jimi Hazel: 24-7 Spyz